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Are you considering a remodeled homes for sale, but are not sure where to turn? At Blue Onyx Realty, we help first-time home buyers find the right home.

Don't worry, you're not alone. We provide financing options and information about the homes we are selling, so that you make informed decisions regarding our properties. Remodeled homes offer advantages, whether it's the kitchen, the bathroom, or other aspect of the house. There's usually pre-planning put into the remodeling to make sure it's more functional and beautiful.

Comparing the Purchase of a Remodeled Home to a Newly-Built House

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While the location of a home may be ideal, sometimes the house can't support your needs any longer. At Blue Onyx Realty, we alleviate headaches by selling newly remodeled homes. Remodeled homes have several advantages over newly built houses, and here are three worth considering:

  • Remodeled homes usually means 'upgraded' - Upgrades are what makes a home functional and beautiful. Remodeled homes give you the luxury you want and at a better price.
  • Remodeled homes tend to have more character - Remodeling adds character as much as it adds functionality. It also sets the home apart from others in the area, and that matters both in-terms of aesthetics and home value.
  • 'Remodeled' usually means that the home was improved - Homeowners often remodel to vastly improve their property. Increasing the property's value and appearance typically entails a higher design, purpose, and the overall appearance.

You need a space that will match your lifestyle. That means being selective. When you combine these advantages, you usually get a home for a fair price - with all of the upgrades, character, and quality you want.

Rooms & Areas of a Home That Are Commonly Remodeled

Any room or area could be remodeled but there are certain dwellings that add more value, functionality, and visual appeal:

  • Kitchens - This is probably the number one room to remodel, and not just for selling purposes.
  • Bathrooms - A remodeled bathroom says a lot about the high level of care for the home. Plus, a remodeled bathroom usually means a sleeker design with additional storage space.
  • Walls, floors, and doors - These components are either trampled on or touched often. Refinished floors and fresh wall paint will be noticed immediately. Upon entry, the front door that will get noticed first, as well as last - when visitors exit. Because of that fact, they are one of the most recommended areas of a home renovation before the property goes up for sale.

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Consider remodeled homes for sale near Pleasantville NJ. We are located in River Edge, NJ and you can check-out our new, and remodeled homes, then contact us online or call 201-483-9500 today!