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Single Family Home in Cape May NJ

What to Consider When Buying Your First Family Home

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If you and your significant other are a young couple looking to purchase your first family home in New Jersey, you've come to the right place! We offer a wide variety of single family home backed by our market experience.


If it's your first home, it can be overwhelming when searching for a suitable situation for your family. It may even cost more than the amount you can ever hope to raise or invest.

Outdoor Space

As a young couple, the chances are high you'll be expecting a newborn soon. You'll eventually want a house with a yard for the kids and pets to play around safely. How about sufficient space for building a deck or patio for your summer barbecues?


Consider your family lifestyle before you invest in your home. For example, an open kitchen is ideal if you prefer to keep an eye on your kids as you cook. Also, you may opt for a house with enough room for exercise equipment and entertainment amenities.

Proximity to Work

You don't want to wake up to long, boring and tiring commutes every day. If you work in New Jersey, consider townhomes for sale in the intermediate suburbs for added convenience.

Why Couples & Young Families Choose Buying Over Renting

For many couples & young families, it's never easy to decide between buying or renting a home. You may be able to own a house for much less than what you pay for rent, in the long-run. That makes it important to factor whether you work a job that requires you to relocate soon.

For the last couple of years, homes have continued to appreciate in value, not to mention rising inflation that has also increased rental costs. Owning a home means no increasing monthly rent. Plus, you can invest the homeowners' savings into your IRA, savings account, or other investment vehicle. Besides, as a homeowner, you have the freedom to customize your dwellings to suit your lifestyle. Additionally, there's no risk of getting forced out by a landlord who decides to sell the home you rent.

Let Us Help You Find Your Single Family Home

Are you looking for a single family home or townhouse for sale in New Jersey? We offer financing options on our newly renovated and affordable single-family homes. Contact us or call (201) 483-9500 to find your home.